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about Acama sound instruments


At ACAMA® sound-manufactoring for outstanding singing bowl quality, since many years nice-sounding and resonatinng sound-delicatessen are developed for body and soul.
Do it like professionals, grab your sound, the difference will make you shure ! ACAMA®  Therapy singing bowls - therapy gongs - accessories
An other additional businesspart of Polyglobe Music, Austria, is the developing, production and distribution of soundinstruments for therapy and wellness use under the international registrated trade mark ACAMA®. Soundinstruments of the trademark ACAMA® are used in many countries for sound-therapy use in doctor surgeries, therapy institutes, and for private use.

The musician and music producer Acama has developed the trademark ACAMA® for this prodctline in 1991. The high quality level and intensive sound of ACAMA® singing bowls are the result of knowlege and understanding how frequecies in sounds and music are influencing brain and body, and from Acama´s experiance of producing music for therapy use since more than 30 years. Together with blacksmith handcrafts masters in the Himalay region the final ACAMA® productline has been developed. Since 15 years ACAMA® singing bowls are well known and accepted on the market as high level quality products, which bring the desired results in sound massage and other therapistic applications.
In the year 2011 the metal alloy has been improved again by not adding mercury and lead. That was a Win-Win situation - no toxic metals for workers and evironment and better sound development in overtones. Therapy singing bowls are available single in differnet sizes or in special arranged sound sets. Every sound-set is selcted by tune adjusting and coordination of the single sound by the team of the artist Acama at Polyglobe Music. So every customer can be shure to receive a well tuned sound set for his harmonious therapy use. Additional ACAMA® singing bowls are available in planet sound tunings.
ACAMA® singing bowls are available at Polyglobe Music for retailers, therapists, seminar houses, and private customers.

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